General Medicine Department


                   ​The department of Internal Medicine is an integral part of any hospital and eventually plays a pivotal role in the management, economy, services and rating of any modern hospitals. More so is noticed in a medical college or in an educational establishment where the professional teaching in medical science is delivered where its role is no less than that of an icon. Keeping in tune with the aforesaid, it shall not be the least of exaggerations if the department of Medicine is depicted as the heartthrob of the Diphu Medical College, Diphu. At this moment, the department and its agile and diligent members in their various capacities are rendering extra ordinary services in relation to health care of the population of Karbi Anglong and the neighbouring areas at large 24x7 upholding the motto of commitment to the services to the mankind. The department also has been exceptionally triggered to unfold its mystery over the academic sessions revealing solutions to health related emergencies and simplifying complex medical equations in a number of academic meetings and seminars. Apart from its aforesaid role at the Diphu Medical College, the department has been proactive in its role in the management of Covid 19. Apart from imparting trainings not only in the institute but also in the far flung areas of the state, it has brought the safety protocols of this dreaded viral disease to every door of the district allaying fear and panic and replacing the same with confidence and reassurance in the minds of the people. The versatility, visionary and vigour of its legendary faculties is reflected in the ever preparedness of the departmental staff to counter and neutralize the threat put forward by the novel Corona virus 2019. The department is extremely privileged to present a “Madrigal” to the institute which is titled as “CANZONETTA OF DMC”, which stamped its authority below among the crowded words of other disciplines.

Faculty:The department is fortunate to have a strong contingent of dedicated physicians each excelling in their own area of field of interest. There is one post of Professor who is also the Head of the Department, three very able Associate Professors, three equally brilliant Assistant Professors, two highly efficient young Registrars, one diligent Post PG MO and three very capable Medical Officers deputed from the erstwhile Diphu Civil Hospital. Furthermore, the Department of Pulmonary Medicine and the Department of Dermatology has been incorporated into the parent department of Medicine with the intention of quality services and better coordination. The department of Pulmonary Medicine is an one man army with an Assistant Professor having vast experience in the subspeciality aided by a strong force of RNTCP while the Department of Dermatology is unfortunately unmanned and the problems related to this subspeciality is catered by the physicians from the parent department of Medicine. 

Staff: Apart from the Govt. gazetted staff stated above, the day to day activities of the department are aided and supported by a large number of staff in the other categories like the nursing staff, ward boys and ward girls, office assistant, laboratory technicians, cleaners, helpers and unspecified ones who form an integral part of the Medicine family and contribute in their own ways in rendering health care and educational services to the community and this wonderful team is likely to render yeomen’s service in future too with the arrival of new batch of students of MBBS and other categories.

Research activities: Most of the faculties of Medicine department are research oriented and in totality number of publications of original research works in the various indexed scientific journals by the faculty members are mammoth. However, these publications are from the previous colleges where these members of faculty served earlier before being transferred to the present institution. The Professor and the Head of the Department alone has approximately forty scientific publications in various reputed journals to his credit. The department has taken up two research projects one in relation to the psycho somatic effects of emerging threat of covid 19 in collaboration with the Department of Psychiatry, Diphu Medical College and other one independently again in relation to covid 19 but both these projects are in very initial stages but it is aspired that both these scientific papers will see the light of the day in near future.

Academic activities:The departmental staff has been constantly engaged in academic activities and is presently extremely busy in imparting covid related training to all the staff of not only the Diphu Medical Colleges but also in other parts of the district and also covered other districts like west Karbianglong, Dima Hasao, Hojai and as far as Nagaon as per the directives of the Health and FW department, Govt. of Assam. Even in its stage of infancy, the department has already organized two symposiums of fairly large magnitude : one on 16th of February 2020 under the auspices of The Association of Physicians of India (API), Assam chapter which covered a wide range of topics related to the speciality of internal medicine and where the Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao branch of API, Assam is formed to further the academic activities in this region and the other one on 21st of March 2020 under the banner of Diphu Medical College, Diphu which was exclusively dedicated to Covid 19. In both these scientific meetings, the star attractions were the lectures delivered by the faculty members of the department of Medicine.

Services: The department provides both indoor and outdoor services on regular basis providing health care services to the patients attending these facilities. The department also provides emergency services to the patients in the Casuality department 24x7. Side by side, the department also runs a Fever clinic cum screening centre where the suspected covid 19 cases are dealt with besides visiting and rendering health care services to the different institutional Quarantine facilities in various parts of east and west Karbi Anglong districts. The department also takes the lead role in various covid 19 related jobs including designing and execution of isolation ward exclusively for covid 19 patients and oversees its functions and is an inseparable force in its management. Some of the elite members of the department took a leading role in conducting a voluntary blood donation camp on 10th May 2020 in the campus of Diphu Medical college. The whole show was however organized by some NGO and social welfare organizations.

Awards and achievement:  As it is a new institution where the different services are in their state of infancy, it is too early to receive any awards. However, the department is proud to state that it enjoys the confidence of the madam Principal and is in good books of the Govt. of Assam as the members manning the department are prompt in understanding their responsibilities and swift in executing and implementing different people friendly health related policies of the state and the central Govt. The department enjoys the blessings of the common people of the district and adjoining areas at large which is perceived as a huge laurel by the members of the department.

Publications: The department as well as the institution is in a nascent stage. Therefore, the projects taken up by the department are in initial stages and with the evolving time, the department will be flooded with scientific publications. For further reading in this aspect, the subheading ‘Research Activities’ may be referred to. However, in order to emphasize the importance of research activities in a professional college of repute, the department is privileged to highlight some of  the research works conducted by the faculty members of the institution in preceding three years which are listed below:

  1. Dr.Kallol Bhattacharjee, Professor and Head    Total no- 17
  2. Dr.Deepak Chaudhury, Associate Professor       Total no- 05




Dr.Kallol Bhattacharjee, M.D., F.I.C.P.


Dr. Deepak Chaudhury

Associate Professor and HOD(i/c)

Dr. Bijush Difoesa

Associate Professor

Dr. Ananta Das

Assistant Professor

Dr. Dharamsing Timung

Assistant Professor

Dr. Lienminlal Lhoujem

Medical Officer

Dr. Abhijit Deori

Medical Officer

Dr. Phirney Jessica Ingtipi

Medical Officer

Dr. Lindoak Rongpi


Dr. Ruth Khawbung


Dr. Prince Bey


Dr. Atovili K Yepthomi

Senior Resident

Dr. Damikitre Passah

Senior Resident