About the college:

Diphu Medical College was established in the year 2011. It was initiated by the laying of the foundation stone by the Honourable Health Minister of Assam Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma at Baghmari, Diphu on 19th January, 2011 in presence of the then MP Biren Singh Engti, State HAD Minister Khorsing Engti, Parliamentary Secretary Bidya Sing Engleng, MLA Mansing Rongpi. The name of Diphu Medical College during that time was Assam Hills Medical College and Research Institute (AHMC&RI). Under the Governor of Assam notification No.HLB.416/2019/54-A, Dated Dispur, the 21st November, 2019, the name of Assam Hills Medical College and Research Institute(AHMC&RI) was changed to Diphu Medical College in the interest of the general public. The college is mainly opened to serve the people of Karbi Anglong district and other neighbouring districts. The college became fully functional after inauguration in an official function by Honourable Minister of State Urban Development and Health, Sjt. Pijush Hazarika in presence of Sjt. Tuliram Ronghang, Honourable Chief Executive Member, KAAC and Sjt. Horensingh Bey, Honourable Member of Parliament of 3-Autonomous(ST) on 25th November,2019. Since the very beginning, the entire family of the hospital i.e. doctors, nurses, ward boys and other technical and non-technical staffs are rendering the best services under the guidance of Principal –cum-Chief Superintendent Prof.(Dr.) Sumitra Hagjer and Superintendent Prof.(Dr.) TK Das. The old block part of the hospital is also an important wing to serve inhabitants of the district. The doctors, nurses and all other staffs of the old block part are engaged in different Departments of the college and are helping the different clinical department during emergency and OPD duty.

Brief History of Diphu

Diphu is the head quarter of a hill district, Karbi Anglong of Assam.
The word Diphu comes from the Dimasa language, “Di” meaning water and “Phu” meaning silvery or white. Historically, it is said that the streams in the Diphu carry large amount of sediments in the rainy season giving it a white colour-hence the name.
Diphu is located at 25.830N- 93.430E and is at an elevation of 610 ft. It is midway between upper and lower Assam and is well connected by road and railways. The nearest airport is in Dimapur, a town in Nagaland which is about 47.3 KM from Diphu.
Diphu is a class-II city, having a population of 60,654 according to 2011 census. The main indigenous tribe of Diphu are the Karbis. The other tribes found here are the Dimasas,Bodo Kacharis, Garo, Rengmas, Man-Tais and Rabhas besides the non tribal communities comprising of Assamese, Bengalis, Marwaris, Biharis, Adivasis etc.
Diphu Medical College is the seventh medical college of Assam. It started functioning on 25th November, 2019. It is recognised by the Medical Council of India and is officially affiliated to Srimanta Sankaradeva University of Health Sciences. The academic session will be initiated with 100 students in the academic year 2020-21.


- Dr.Kallol Bhattacharjee, 07.05.2020.
When the sun glows as a fire ball over the ecstatic land of Mikir hills
In the blue skies it shines to stare deep into the valleys to disburse the joys,
Amidst the gorges, hilly paths, the rivulets and scenic beauty of Karbi Anglon’
On the earth below, stand proud and tall; DMC, a majestic mansion.

In the tiny parochial but bustling Diphu borough,
La Belle in their colourful attires, sing the balladry thorough,
Carols, ballads, chorus, jingles and pslams true to the spirit of Assam melodies
Sentinels the country’s north east are the men of valour ballet to their tunes

A lofty baronial mansion with palatial touches that’s where the brainery,
They call it Diphu Medical College and that’s the name of the seminary,
Watered by the Dhanshiri, breezed by the woodlot and greened by the Eucalyptus,
A boulevard approach; dusty in the day and misty at night to pass.

When we the DMCians stand aloft together, holding and hugging,
We the doctors- physicians, surgeons, gynaecologists and anaesthetists comprising;
The paramedics, nurses, assistants, techs, cleaners and helpers as we wait for our coveted guests,
The patients, the sufferers for them we are healers and for pupils, the learners to whom we are teachers

We stand committed, we the students and teachers – today as well as tomorrow;
Because we are DMCians and DMCians never look back – neither today nor tomorrow,
We shall deliver, we shall deliver, we shall deliver together – the skills, the support, expertise and care,
Holding your hands in critical moments, we shall deliver (2) together, we will not leave you bare.

Be it fracture, stroke or labour or whether it is corona, whether it is covid,
Surgery or ICU, we will do the just, frail or the yelling, we will toil hard;
In the merry land of Mikir hills, committed we are to see our fellow citizens robust and prosper,
To every thatched dwelling in this tranquil land, we will leave our footprints which shall not whither.

From dawn to dusk and from dusk to dawn, we will wander DMC thorough,
‘Service to mankind is our motto’ and we shall deliver, we shall deliver it together at Diphu borough,
Being DMCian is a pride, service is our nature and health care is our mother, we shall deliver,
We shall deliver, we shall deliver, we shall deliver together, we will not leave you bare, bare, bare.

How to reach college

Diphu Medical College is situated near the Diphu town in Karbi Anglong district. Diphu is a small well known town in the hilly natural beautiful district of Assam. The natural ambience of the college campus attract and all.
The transport system to medical college–
By train- The nearest railway station is Diphu(DPU) Station which is about 1.6 km away from the college campus.
By air- There is no airport in the Karbi Anglong district. The nearest airport from the college is Dimapur Airport(DMU), Nagaland which is about 47.3 km away from the college.
From other neighbouring state- There are regular train and bus services to reach Diphu from other major cities of the country. The transport system through train is the best option.