Citizen Charter:

Dear Citizen,
We at Diphu Medical College are happy to state that we have arrived here at Diphu, the place of joy in the bonhomie Mikir Hills where the sun shines as a glow of fireball and for today’s generation is popularly known as Karbi Anglong. We are here to render our services to the cause of health care and the well being of the inhabitants of the wonderland. We are committed to strive for the best, we are here to serve and care, search and share. The Diphu Medical College stands aloft in the gorgeous meadows of the district amidst the scenic hilly terrains shining as a lonely star in the dark skies of the district. The majestic mansion stands aloft with the aim of disbursing not only quality health care services in all aspects of the medical specialities but also an alma mater throwing arrows of knowledge and spears of light enriching the medical literature and pondering on the wonders of the diseases at the wandering causative agents and emphasizing the research.
We at Diphu Medical College will not rest by providing the state of art healthcare services to the people of Karbi Anglong and adjoining areas alone but we are here to deliver quality knowledge in modern medical science and shall produce future doctors of high professional skills with humane approach with the intended aim of providing the best of medical care to the generation next. With this humble visionary, the Diphu Medical College is born.
You are welcome to Diphu Medical College and Hospital, Diphu the 7th Medical College of Assam. We strive hard to provide comprehensive, high quality tertiary level health care to inhabitants living in remote areas of a wide area of Karbi Anglong district, neighboring districts of Assam and the adjacent state of Nagaland.

Purpose: The charter seeks to provide a framework, which enables our users to know-


Diphu Medical College and Hospital,
Baghmari, Diphu, Dist: Karbi Anglong, State: Assam,Pin-782462,India
Phone no: 0367127228/9435144372
Number of bed: 300 +
Location of Central Enquiry and Registration Office: Located just inside the main entrance in the Out Patient Department (OPD) complex of the Hospital.

Control Room:

Location: Superintendent Office on the Ground floor of Hospital
Phone no: 0367127228/ 9435018659
Control Room functions round the clock, in Superintendent’s Office and is managed by duty officers/Doctors , who provide assistance and listen to public grievances with regard to patient care.

Complaints and Grievances:

There will be occasions when our services will not be up to your expectations. Please do not hesitate to register your complaints. It will only help us to serve you better. You may lodge your complaints to the Principal-cum-Chief Superintendent or Superintendent. Every complaint will be duly acknowledged and sincere attempts will be made to solve your problem.

Casualty and Emergency services:

Location: at the left side after entry through the main entrance gate of the OPD block has an entry for Emergency services function round the clock, throughout the year.
Number of beds in the emergency department is 10(Ten) and examination bed is 3(Three).
Casualty and Emergency services provide consultation and observation services apart from OPD timings.
Casualty and Emergency services are fully equipped with all life saving equipment like defibrillator, nebulizer, ECG machine, X-ray machine etc.
Casualty and Emergency services work under Supervision of Superintendent/Deputy Superintendent.
All specialists are available on call basis to cater for all kind of emergencies.
Person requiring urgent care gets treatment before paperwork like Registration/Medico legal requirements.

Out Patient Department (OPD) Services:

OPD department is situated in the ground and first floor of hospital and registration counter is located on the right side after entering through the gate of OPD complex.
OPD timings: 8.00 AM to 2.00PM (All days of week except Sunday/ The Assam Gazette Holidays)
Details of services:

OPD schedule: Consultants from all specialities are available from 8.00AM to 2.00 PM.

Charges: Free

Pharmacy: The hospital pharmacy is located in the left side inside OPD building and Atal Amrit Pharmacy is located in the right side.

Investigations: All investigations are free of cost.
Different sample like blood, urine, stool, any kind of body fluids are collected from the sample collection room located in the ground floor of OPD complex near the reception counter.

Indoor Services:

Visiting time: 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm
Maximum two attendants (having valid passes) can stay with patient.
Indoor department keeps all emergency medicines in inventory.
Maximum medicines are Govt. Supply medicine free of cost and sometimes only a few medicines and surgical items may need to be purchased from outside.

Laboratory Services:

Diphu Medical College and Hospital has central laboratory equipped with modern equipments.
Central laboratory functions 24 hrs a day through-out the year.
All routine and special investigations including those of Biochemistry, Pathology and Microbiology are done by central laboratory.
Diagnosis of Covid-19 testing can be done in the virology laboratory under department of Microbiology.

Blood Bank:

Diphu Medical College and Hospital has a licensed modern Blood Bank that functions 24 hours a day and provides facilities for blood donation, storage, issue of blood and its components. Strict precautions are taken and testing is done to prevent any blood borne infection. If your patient requires blood transfusions, then you are requested to arrange healthy blood donors for donating blood in order to reduce shortage of blood. Blood donation camps are held from time to time with help from NGOs.
You can also check the availability of blood stock of your required group in the home page of our college website that we updated daily.

Radiology Services:

Department is equipped with digital X-ray , Ultrasonography machines.

Day Care Services:

Day care facility is available for certain types of operations requiring minimal access and less hospital stay. Eg. Laparoscopic surgery, endoscopic intervention, dental extractions.

Responsibilities of the users
  1. The success of the charter depends on the support we receive from our users.
  2. Appreciate the various limitations under which the hospital is functioning and ensure its smooth working without inconveniencing other patients and visitors.
  3. Please follow the rules and regulations of the hospital while inside the hospital campus.
  4. Please do not cause inconvenience to other patients by crowding or making noise unnecessary. Always use mask, sanitizer and make social distance.
  5. Please help us in keeping the hospital and surroundings neat and clean.
  6. Please do not argue with security guards, show your passes when asked for & help maintain the order and peace inside the hospital premises.
  7. Please use the facilities of this hospital with care and do not damage/spoil hospital property.
  8. Beware of Touts and unauthorized persons. Do not indulge in any money transactions with them.
  9. The Hospital is a No Smoking, No Tobacco and No Spitting Zone. Neither smoke nor spit inside the hospital premises. Do not chew betel-nut and spit inside hospital campus.
  10. Please refrain from demanding undue favors from the staff and officials.
  11. Please provide useful feedback and constructive suggestions. These may be addressed to the Principal-cum-Chief Superintendent of DMC or Superintendent of the Hospital.